Welcome to Door County; the Cape Cod of the Midwest and a place where water sports will become a memorable and long-lasting reality. 

Paddle Boarding in Egg Harbor WI

The Wisconsin peninsula is perfect for adrenaline junkies who want to perfect a water skiing trick or those adventurers looking to try something new- like kayaking! You may be asking yourself why people engage in these extreme water activities, sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well, there’s no simple explanation. It’s all about chasing the high you feel when you participate in a thrilling and exciting activity and the sense of accomplishment that hits you as soon as you finish. It’s a feeling everyone should experience in their lifetime. 

With a generation consumed with the advancement of technology, we forget to experience life outside our little rectangular devices and how to just live in the moment. Good news is, when you’re doing a water sport activities at Door County Adventure Center, you are forced to be in the moment.  It’s an exhilarating and memorable experience no handheld device can duplicate.   

This summer is a great time to propose a little summer adventure for yourself, as well as your friends. Plan a day to perfect a water sport you’ve always dreamed of doing or be adventurous and try something completely new!  Door County Adventure Center can help you get hooked on water activities and adventure! With our beautiful scenic tours throughout the peninsula, our kayak/paddle board lessons with highly trained guides and rentals – you can learn and become an avid water sportsman/women in no time! 

So say good-bye to all those indoor hobbies this summer and say HELLO to the world of adventure at DOOR COUNTY ADVENTURE CENTER!   

        To learn more about our tours, lessons and rentals you can visit our website at dcadventurecenter.com or call us at              920-746-9539.