Here at Door County Adventure Center, we offer quite a few packages that allow you to choose two different adventures and by doing so, you save money! You can of course mix and match between our locations, so that your adventures with us are tailored to your liking. One thing we personally don’t offer, but still coordinate on is Segway tours. We work with a couple guys, Nick and Rick, who have their own separate Segway companies. If you book with either of them and then with us, or vice versa, you “Segway and save!” The Segway tours offered by Nick are Cave & Dunes, Sturgeon Bay, and Egg Harbor and the tour offered by Rick is Rowley’s Bay (Off-Road Tour). The tours normally last an hour and a half to two hours. All of these tours, as you may have noticed, are within all of our locations we have at Door County Adventure Center! Nick does have specific instructions on where to meet for each of his tours, which is on our website under each of the packages. Rick has a trailer that he sets up right next to our building across the street from Rowley’s Bay Resort.

Riding on a Segway is definitely just as fun as it sounds. From my own personal experience, it’s actually not as hard as it may seem. It’s not necessarily like riding a bike, but there are handles to hold onto. In order to steer, you move the handles side to side as if your hands are sliding across a horizontal pole. It’s important to avoid trying to turn, going back to the feeling of riding a bike. Your balance plays a key role in controlling the Segway’s speed. If you lean forward on your toes, you are going to go faster and if you lean back on your heels, you will slow down or even come to a stop. The feeling is similar to a hoverboard, if you have heard of those, but with more stability since you have something to hold onto. Anyone can ride a Segway and if you are a beginner don’t worry, the appropriate training will be provided and you will catch on fast! Once you get used to the feeling, it will come pretty natural after a while.

So, if you are at a loss of what to do or just want to cross it off your list, riding a Segway is the perfect answer. Don’t forget to bundle with Door County Adventure Center to save money and experience more fun!



Paul Blart: professional Segway driver            Segway Rick's Off-Road Tours          Riding through the beautiful woods on the Wagon Trails