Ever since I had applied to UW-Stout, with a major in Graphic Communications, I became intrigued with marketing. One of the requirements that Stout has for most if not all, majors is to have an internship or co-op before graduating. So, I began my search in the fall/winter of 2020 to hopefully get an opportunity in the summer of 2021. After a while of looking for an internship, I finally came across one that caught my attention right away, and that of course was with Door County Adventure Center. The description of the position sounded very fun and exciting, so I decided to apply. Once interviewed by the Operations Manager, Abbey, I felt confident that this was a position I wanted to take and later did.

I was one of three other girls who were also hired as a marketing intern. We had our first meeting before the season had begun, where we went over what our roles and responsibilities would be. There were three different locations that each of us got put at and rotated through every month. Everyone was in charge of posting on social media on certain days of the week, mine being Friday and Saturday. In addition, we also had to post every week on Google My Business, which was specified to the location we were at; my days were Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. It was our job to go out and take pictures and videos of the different adventures and services offered for content to post with those different platforms in mind. We were also given the task of writing a blog once a month, with topics of our choice, but still relating to Door County Adventure Center. All of us did get one day a week specifically for marketing, so we could achieve those goals. Additionally, we all met for a marketing meeting to go over what was working for the company and what we needed to add/work on. For example, we went over poster distribution, contest ideas for customers, holiday graphics, sales and discounts, creating Tik Toks, etc. Each of us put a lot of effort into our position and with that saw quite a bit of improvement within the company’s marketing department.

The internship overall taught me a lot and gave me hands on experience that I will take with me into future positions. Having the flexibility to create and come up with different marketing strategies for DCAC was definitely a big perk of the role. It was fun to see everyone’s ideas and combine all of our skills, which made working together easy. For future marketing interns at Door County Adventure Center, if you are up for an adventurous summer in a fun and exciting work environment where you get to express your creativity this is the place for you!

Below are a few projects of my own: