Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a kayak guide? Well wonder no more, because we have the inside scoop on a day in the life of a guide. I sat down with one of our guides, Evan Freimuth, and he told me all about how his days usually go.

“Every day is pretty similar, with little things that make each trip unique. You get to experience the outdoors, not just on the perfect days but in all of its different forms. This leads to a work experience that it really variable and enjoyable because it’s not monotonous. You get to meet a lot of cool people and you get to meet them in their own element; they don’t have a wall up, they are on vacation, having fun and you get to hear their stories because they are living in the moment. It’s fun to come to work and know exactly what you’re going to do, but not exactly how you’re going to get from A to B until it happens. In a lot of ways you let the group lead you and you just follow along giving some direction. All in all it’s a really good experience to be able to work where you’re just trying to show people a good time.”

I think it’s interesting to get the point of view of a guide because their presence & personality really enhance our guest’s experience on the water.  At Door County Adventure Center all of our guides attend an extensive American Canoe Association training in the Spring & receive their certifications in the fall after a season of paddling.  It’s one of the things that sets us apart and really helps us ensure the highest level of safety and water management on our kayak tours.

Door County Adventure Center has numerous paddling locations in Door County and Evan is a guide at all of them.

  • Whitefish Dunes State Park offers an incredible paddle on Lake Michigan with a shipwreck, bluffs and caves! It’s our most popular tour and certain to be an adventurous paddle!
  • Kayak tours that depart from the Stone Harbor Marina in Sturgeon Bay head to Bay Shipbuilding to get an up-close view of some of the amazing 1,000 ft ships docked on site.
  • Looking for a romantic way to enjoy the sunset? Join us on a stand-up paddle board tour at the Egg Harbor Village Beach!  It’s a beautiful and memorable way to enjoy one of the most amazing sunsets in the county.
  • In addition, we offer a kayak tour of the Mink River in Ellison Bay, departing from the Rowleys Bay Resort, and they are arguably the most scenic and peaceful tour in the county. A Mink River paddle allows you to see a side of Door County you couldn’t otherwise experience.

Next time you’re in the area join us for a paddle and maybe you’ll get lucky and have Evan as your guide.  No matter which site you choose to paddle at, Door County Adventure Center promises a fun & memorable experience for everyone!

-Jacob Shields, Marketing Intern