Here at DCAC, we focus on Adventure! We wanted to shed more light on this. Adventure Wednesdays defines Adventure as: (Noun) an event or experience that expands, shifts or alters your perspective or perception of your inner self or the outer world. They also define it as a verb- To put yourself in situations, to challenge an inner fear, then to let go of trying to control the outcome and to wonder at what surprise might show up. We love these definitions because this is truly the foundation of what we do at DCAC.

Throughout the year we provide a multitude of different experiences including: zip lining, kayaking, high ropes course, stand-up paddle boarding, camping, and team building. Throughout these various adventures, our participants are able to reframe their mindset. They are able to accomplish something that would have previously scared them. They are able to have confidence in trying something new. They are able to see themselves in a different, positive light than they would have previously- and more!

Experiential education is quite literally learning through and from an experience. At the heart of this theory is adventure and challenge. During an adventure or experience, participants are able to get out of their comfort zone and into the learning or growth zone- giving them an opportunity to problem solve, reflect, and apply the lessons learned more broadly to their life- like the examples above. This life application can be anywhere from interpersonal skills, leadership styles, relationships, abstract thinking, and collaboration- all of which can have a positive influence on other areas in their life.

So this is why we say, “We create lasting memories through adventure,” because we hope that through your experience here, that you took some life lessons with you and remember us as you go through life!