The programs at our Team Leadership Center challenge teams to solve problems collaboratively; hence we see a lot of collaborative leadership with the efforts to overcome obstacles. What is collaborative leadership? This type of leadership refers to when every participant works together to solve a problem. At Door County Adventure Center, our facilitators address the seven functions of a collaborative team for individuals and teams to take away from programming. Here are the seven functions that this is focused on:


The formation of a team is based on common ground of members. The needs of team members unify each other to pick a goal and strategy and work collaboratively to accomplish that goal. Competition can come out between teammates but unified teams working together will get to the end goal faster.


Unity is based on the membership of the team. On every team there are natural leaders and followers, all in which are important roles to play. With a unified team, each individual member must answer the question, “what’s in it for me?” Being part of a collaborative team has meaning to membership where personal outcomes are addressed.


Typically within a team, there is one conflict and obstacle that occurs frequently. With that, the conflict needs to be addressed along with the negative behavior that becomes part of that issue. Blame can arise and drag down a team and its membership. By being aware of each team members’ beliefs, perspectives, and their role on the team, respect and trust will be demonstrated.


Diverse work teams allow members to bring new ideas, different experiences, and more knowledge to be shared. Individuals have talents and skills that can be a resource to others when working collaboratively to overcome an obstacle. In order to work effectively as a team, each member needs to address how they contribute to the team.


Each team has standards that are expected from each member to follow and abide by. Members must be committed to their team by investing time and effort into the team itself. To work collaboratively, teams have to be congruent in their goals and how they will complete them.


Collaborative teams have to know what is expected of them and what is wanted from each other. There has to be some type of measurement to know how they will succeed, so setting goals with a way to measure success is important. Once a team knows its purpose and why each member belongs on that team, collaborative leadership will come easily.


With team collaboration, members take part in strategic development. The collaborative leadership model allows inclusive input where every member expresses their thoughts through diversity; hence, a strategy will be agreed upon with each member owning their membership to the team. 

Collaborative leadership is achieved at our site because of the complex challenges on our high and low ropes course that are presented to teams, both mentally and physically. Not one person can solve the problem. Instead, all of our challenges are meant to allow teamwork and strategy. The sense of community is nurtured by collaborative leadership because no man is left behind. Have your group join us and experience these functions of a collaborative team! Contact us for a reservation request or pricing quote at 920.746.9539 or at [email protected]