It’s the heat of summer in Door County, WI which means it is the perfect time to visit the beach! Door County Adventure Center has five locations, one of which is at Beach View Park in Egg Harbor, WI. In addition to DCAC’s kayak and paddleboard rentals, Beach View Park also offers a great beach, pavilion, and playground area.

1. Paddleboard and kayak rentals.


Our Egg Harbor location is open from 10am to 6pm daily, which gives you plenty of time to check out our rentals! Paddleboards and single kayaks start at $20/hour and tandem kayaks at $25/hour. Our affordable rentals come with a quick lesson and tons of fun! We also rent out Sportbrellas to protect you from the heat of the summer.


2. Beach toys and accessories.

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It wouldn’t be a day at the beach without some swimming and sandcastle fun! Try out one of sandcastle buckets, floaties, or fun beach games! Our Egg Harbor location also offers hands-free Drinking Buddies for our adult beach goers!!


3. Delicious snacks.


Looking for some delicious treats after a day in the sun? Try our tasty ice cream treats! We also have a variety of other snacks including chips, soda, and water.


4. Beautiful sunsets.


Door County Adventure Center offers Sunset Paddleboard tours every day of the week. Tours are led by one our amazing guides, $50 per person, and feature some of the most incredible sunsets in the world! Make reservations online, at any of our locations, or call (920) 746-9539.


5. Friendly and fun staff.


If you’re not convinced that a day with DCAC is the plan for your next beach day, our amazing staff will surely convince you. Come hang out with us down at the beach, we’re looking forward to meeting you!

-Abbey Pomeroy, Marketing Intern

Door County Adventure Center is such a diverse operation that it is hard to sum up everything we offer in one name. We have five sites in Door County that offer a wide variety of activities including team building, leadership development, zip lining, a high & low ropes course, paddleboarding and kayaking. Our company growth over the past 25 years has resulted in several name changes.

Door County Adventure Center, formerly known as the Team Leadership Center, was founded by Timothy L. Pflieger in the fall of 1994. His family invested in his vision by approving the use of the Pflieger property in the town of Sevastopol.  Together they turned a turn-of-the-century dairy barn into a team building facility and the outside grounds into a high & low ropes course.

In October of that year, renovations began on the building to convert the structure into a useable space for adventure-based learning. Jon Pflieger, Tim’s younger brother, was hired as a general contractor for the renovation project. A.B.E.E., Inc. was contracted for the construction of the high-low ropes challenge course. In January of 1995, Team Leadership Center was incorporated.

The Team Leadership Center’s acronym, TLC, was the inspiration behind its name. Its marketing tag line stating, “Is it time to give your team a little TLC?” Originally, the Team Leadership Center exclusively worked with corporate programs and incorporated kayaking and its ropes course into those programs. A year later, after a demand for kayak tours arose, we expanded and opened a branch of the business called Kayaking Adventures.

The company later added its gravity zip line, which gained attention quickly. An interest in zip lining arose from the general public, and we opened our course to visitors. The name Kayaking Adventures became irrelevant, so the company rebranded itself in 2011 as Door County Adventure Center. Our company now offered more than just kayaking, and our name had to accurately reflect this.

The main reason Team Leadership Center changed to Door County Adventure Center was the company’s move to service the tourism market. For years one of The Team Leadership Center’s taglines read “Door County’s Adventure Center”, so when the task of changing the company’s name arose the tagline was adopted.  We continued using “The Team Leadership Center” to reflect the corporate programming portion of our business and “Door County’s Adventure Center” was used to market the pay-for-play aspect of the company.  Needless to say using two names got a little confusing and after doing so for several years we’ve decided that it’s time to make a change one last time.

This 2016 season, we are rebranding to “Door County Adventure Center” to encompass all aspects of our business. We have partnered with Arketype, a Green Bay based marketing company, to develop our new brand standards. We are striving for consistency in an attempt to solidify who we are and who we want to be. Door County Adventure Center offers a variety of activities as a company that no other name could quite describe.  With that being said, we didn’t abandon “The Team Leadership Center” completely.  We now use that as a description of one of our locations ~ Door County Adventure Center at the Team Leadership Center site.

Join us for one of our many adventures at one of locations in Door County!

  • Door County Adventure Center at the Team Leadership Center site in Sturgeon Bay
  • Door County Adventure Center at the Egg Harbor Village Beach
  • Door County Adventure Center at the Stone Harbor Marina
  • Door County Adventure Center at the Whitefish Dunes State Park
  • Door County Adventure Center at Rowleys Bay Resort

-Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Marketing Intern

Summer the six letter word that is in almost everybody’s vocabulary. It is approximately hundred days of freedom from school and hundred days of unplanned activities. As we grow older we look back on past summer memories and remember the laughs that were shared. We also look forward to upcoming summer memories and get excited for the adventures that lie ahead. So, what is going to make Summer of 2016 memorable? Worry no more. Be a part of an adventure with Door County Adventure Center and create memories that will last a lifetime. We promise it will be the perfect addition to your summer time fun!

1. Door County Adventure Center provides recreation opportunities that are fun, safe and affordable; including kayaking, zip lining, stand up paddle boarding, trips, retreats, corporate team building, youth camps and more!

2. We have five different adventure locations throughout Door County. These locations are Egg Harbor, Rowleys Bay, Stone Harbor, Sturgeon Bay and Whitefish Dunes State Park. This diversity makes it easy to accommodate many different peoples needs based on where they are staying and level of experience.

3. We offer two different zip lines, which allows people to be able to choose a zip line in their comfort zone.

a. Our Adventure Zip Line is located at our Team Leadership Center in Sturgeon Bay. You will begin at 30 feet in the air where you will then soar over 1500 feet on the 3-spanned course. The highest point is 45 feet, making our course the highest zip line in Door County. Get ready for an adventurous experience!

b. Our Rowleys Bay Canopy Zip Line is located in Ellison Bay right across from the Rowleys Bay Resort. This 4-spanned zip line tour has been popular for many families getting comfortable zip lining for the first time. You’ll learn how to brake yourself and control your own zip experience from one platform to the next.

4. What could be cooler than zip lining in the dark? Nothing! We offer a Glow Stick Zip Line Tour at our Team Leadership center where you soar through the night air with glow sticks and starlight leading your way!

5. Kayaking our Whitefish Dunes Tour will take your breath away. On this tour you will be paired with a professional kayaker who will guide you to explore Cave Point on beautiful Lake Michigan. Door County Adventure Center has established a partnership with Whitefish Dunes State Park and are the ONLY adventure company that is allowed to launch right from the beach at Whitefish Dunes State Park!

6. Our newest kayak tour location is in Sturgeon Bay. This Bridge-to-Bridge Tour launches from Stone Harbor Marina behind Stone Harbor Resort and continues to stretch along the coastline in Sturgeon Bay. Come and view the bridges from the water and experience the big ships and boats of downtown Sturgeon Bay. Don’t forget if you are a guest staying at the Stone Harbor Resort you will receive 10% off our Bridge-to-Bridge Kayak Tours!

7. Come along on our beautiful Sunset Paddle Board Tours. Egg Harbor hosts the most stunning sunsets in Door County! Our guides will provide a lesson on the best way to maneuver your paddle board and have a front seat for the sunset. Paddle boarding is adaptable for any skill level, provides a full-body workout and is too much fun!

8. Not looking for a guided tour? We offer rentals at our Egg Harbor and Rowleys Bay location. We have single kayaks, tandem kayaks, and stand up paddle boards available for rent!

9. Our staff is itching to meet you! The team at Door County Adventure Center is knowledgeable, outgoing and adventurous. You can count on us for making your day filled with fun! We look forward to bringing laughs and smiles on your adventure!

10. We offer package deals! If you book one adventure with us, you get a $10 discount on the second adventure!! Be sure to take advantage of this great deal. You can even plan your adventures on two different days and still get the discount!

Let’s finish off Summer of 2016 with a bang! We want you to join us on your next adventure! Hope to see you soon!

-Courtney Passon, Marketing Intern

I have kayaked at the Cave & Dunes Kayak Tour at Whitefish Dunes State Park with Door County Adventure Center on two separate occasions.  The excursions could not have been any more different from one another. The first was windy, foggy, and chilly; the second was sunny, calm, and warm. While both have their merits & you’d certainly think that one would seem more appealing than the other, I am here to tell you about my first experience and why I thought it amazing.

The beginning of the end. The day of the paddle came and in all honesty, I wasn’t overly excited. We were going out as part of our Team Orientation. We met up beforehand and took a van to the location together, all part of the team building process. When we arrived at the beach I noticed that there was a distinct chill to the air, the sun was behind a thick ceiling of clouds and there was a breeze blowing off the shore causing small waves to crest on the lake. As we walked to the beach it was nice to feel the fine sand beneath my feet and I tried to be as optimistic as possible despite the cloudy skies.

Once we got to the launch point our kayak guides gave us some paddle instruction and fitted each of us with life jackets.  We were using tandem kayaks & I was paired with one of the new kayak guides, Steven.  While we waited to be launched into the lake we got ourselves acquainted with the kayak we had been assigned. We got our seats and foot rests adjusted so we were comfortable and able to maintain control over the boat. Next thing you know it was our turn to launch and one of the guides slid our boat into the water.  The adventure had begun!

We paddled our way past some small breakers and out towards the rest of the kayaks that had already been launched. They were rafted together awaiting the remaining boats.  As we paddled, the water gently churning beneath us, I looked around, took a deep breath, and decided I was really going to enjoy this day.

Our paddle took us along the Niagara Escarpment that reached high up above us.  As we paddled I was amazed by the beauty that surrounded us and the bluffs evoked a sense of wonder and awe, as they dwarfed us sitting on the water in our kayaks.  As we continued on we arrived at a series of incredible caves.  It appeared as if a giant had come along and scooped out sections of the cliff.  The caves, created as a result of erosion, were varying in sizes & formations. Some were small & still forming, others were large enough to paddle inside.  When we approached a cave that was large enough to enter we paddled in slowly and cautiously.  Our boat slid into the opening and fully under a ceiling of stone.  There was a slight corner in the cave and it formed a smaller area to our left which we were unable to reach. We marveled at the wonder while we were inside and then carefully turned our kayak around inside the cave to make our exit.


Once everyone took their turn in the cave we continued on our adventure along the bluffs.  I was surprised when I noticed that a fog started to move in from the distance.  It moved quickly & unexpectedly. Before long we could barely see from one end of our group of kayaks to the other. Our guides asked us to raft up and ensured that we had a system to count off one-by-one and stay close.  We slowed down for a time to orient ourselves and ensure everyone was together before continuing along in this massive beast of fog that had enveloped us.

The trip back to shore was my favorite part of this excursion out onto Lake Michigan. The fog that had overtaken us lay quiet over the lake and for a time the only sound to be heard was paddles dipping in and out of the water. It was eerie yet incredibly peaceful.  For a few quiet minutes I heightened my senses and did my best to enjoy the quiet wilderness as long as possible. Before long someone sparked a conversation and the small bubble of peace I had been enjoying was over.

Too soon we arrived back where we started and came full circle. Slowly the other boats around us began heading toward shore, disappearing one by one until it was our turn.  We propelled ourselves towards the beach and as the bow of our boat scraped up against the sand, was disappointed to see our adventure come to an end.   

It began and ended like many things do and I had come to realize that this experience was one of the best I had taken part of in a while. I thought back to earlier when I figured that I wasn’t going to enjoy myself simply because of inclement weather, and called myself a fool. This adventure, the escapade, had certainly been worth going on. The end of the beginning.



— Jacob Shields, Marketing Intern, Door County Adventure Center