This blog post is devoted to why you should try Stand Up Paddle Boarding- if you haven’t already!

I have worked down at the rental stand at our Egg Harbor Beach location throughout most of the summer, and I have seen a lot of people interested in paddle boarding. Most of the customers that are interested in Paddle Boarding give themselves a hard time saying, “Nah, I’m too old” or “I will never be able to stand up on the board” this is where I come in and say “YOU CAN DO IT!” Seriously, anybody young or old can do paddle boarding! It looks way more difficult on land that it actually is on water!

With all our rentals we offer a paddle lesson before heading out on the water so that everyone feels comfortable with paddling. During this lesson we also go over safety instructions and boundaries. A lot of customers are thankful for this quick lesson because it ensures our renters that it will be a safe experience on the water. For the first time paddle boarders we go over how to stand up on the board, board safety, and the best ways to balance on the board. After everyone feels comfortable we head down to the water where the board is then placed into the water. We let everyone know that it is easiest to start off by kneeling on the board and then when you feel comfortable you can try standing. This is my favorite part- seeing all the customers who said they couldn’t do it actually paddle boarding!

I love giving people encouragement to try something new! It definitely makes my job rewarding seeing so many happy customers after conquering the water on a stand up paddle board. I hope this blog gives you the courage to try something new! And don’t forget to come visit us, Door County Adventure Center, down at the beach!

-PS. If you have never tried zip lining before be sure to check out both of our zip line locations, you don’t want to miss out on this thrilling experience! It is always fun and rewarding to try something new!

-Courtney Passon, Marketing Intern