When you come ziplining with us here at Door County Adventure Center there can be a lot of thoughts that go through your head like “this is so exciting” and and “I’m a little nervous”. Another thought you might have, especially if you’re nervous, could be “what if something goes wrong?”

Firstly, nothing is going to go wrong, you do not have to worry because your guides have got you! They are trained and certified to be able to handle any mishap that might happen and you will be perfectly safe. And secondly, there are things that you can do to help you and your guide if something does happen.

Here are some things to keep in mind to help you if you need to be rescued while ziplining!

Number 1: There are two kinds of rescues that can happen while you are ziplining.

Lauren, a zipline guide, practices her Midline Lower with a coworker from the marketing team.

The first and most common type of rescue that happens is when you get stuck in the middle because you have lost momentum or the wind has slowed you down, is called an Assisted Rescue. With this rescue the guide will zip to you, attach to your ziplining harness, and pull you with them back to the closest platform.


The second type of rescue, which is less common, is called a Midline Lower, this only occurs when there is a medical issue present.

The guides have ‘ ‘rescue bags’ ‘ at the ziplining platforms which contain the proper equipment to belay or lower you safely to the ground. With this type of rescue, your guide zips to you, sets up the belay and attaches you to it, detaches your trolley from the line and proceeds to gently lower you to safety.

Number 2: Listen to your guide

Once your guide has reached you with their rescue bag, be sure to stay calm and listen to everything they are telling very carefully. During a Midline Lower, once you are connected to the belay, the guide has to detach your trolley from the line.

The Ladder is a rope with several loops you can use to step up on.


And so your guide will ask you to put your foot into a rope ladder, hold the line and step up so that they can detach the trolley. Your rescue relies on cooperation between you and your guide, that way you’ll be back on the ground in no time at all.




Number 3: Remain Calm

Faith has been successfully lowered to the ground to safety. Look how happy she is!

These things rarely occur, but if they do, you are in good hands. Your guide will always take things slow to ensure that the rescue is done safely. The zip line course is inspected and maintained with care. Your guide will talk you through everything. When you are being lowered it can be hard to lean into the belay but your guide has got you and will lower you safely. Your safety is our first priority.


Now that you know all this, I can assure you that the likelihood of you getting stuck or needing to be lowered is slim to none, no matter how big or small you are! Zip lining is a whole new adventure that we want you to come and enjoy, you have nothing to worry about except who can yell “Zipping!” the loudest. So, when you have the chance, come and zip with us!