What Not to Wear: Zip line dos and don’ts 

Do you know what the best thing to do is on the spur of the moment on vacation? Zip lining, of course!


It is a super fun adventure that will leave you with nothing but good memories and fun times to look back on. However, one thing that can ruin your zip-lining experience does not have the proper attire. So this is going to be your insider’s guide as to what not to wear when you go zip lining. So let’s start from the top of your head and work down to your feet.

At the very tip-top, hats! They are such a great way to keep the sun off your face, but sadly, they don’t exactly fit under the helmets used to keep you safe during zip lining. If you still want to wear your hat that day, you can, but make sure to take it off before getting geared up to go zip lining.

Next are glasses or sunglasses. These are a yes! Of course, you can wear them with your helmet and on the zip line. We want you to see all the sights that you can on our zipline tours and not be blinded by the light. So if you have them, rock them!

Many of our guides wear glasses, and even masks fit well underneath our helmets!

Our guides showing us what you can wear with your helmet on!

This part is about jewelry, if you haven’t guessed, on to the ears and neck and often hands. We encourage you to leave all dangly earrings, necklaces, and rings in a safe place before the tour. It’s for your safety, and that way, you don’t lose them; it also makes for a little more comfortable experience while ziplining.

For clothing, it’s a good idea to wear shorts and a t-shirt or a tank and shorts. And depending on the weather, you should always check before you book, dress for the rain, and bring a rain jacket because we zip line rain or shine, so long as there isn’t any thunder or lightning.

And lastly, footwear! The best kind of shoe is a closed-toed shoe. Sandals, flip flops, slides, any open-toe shoe is out! But do you want to know what’s in? Crocs, water shoes, sneakers, so long as your toes are covered, and they’ll stay on your feet, you are set to zip!

Not Correct for Zip line

These are the worst kind of footwear for the zip line.

Correct for Zip line

These are the best kind of footwear for the zip line!










When you book, we know that it can be confusing what the weather will be. You’re on vacation, so we knit isn’t easy to be dressed for the right experience. We hope that this helps and that we’ll see you zipping soon!