The Abundant Uses of the Zip Line 

Zip lines are a popular tourist activity throughout the world that emerge guests into a birds eye view of the beautiful sights of the area. But throughout history, the zip line has had a wide array of uses that are more than just thrill seeking. 

one of the first zip lines made

Going back in time, it is a fuzzy picture of exactly when and where the first zip line was created. But, many historians credit mountainous regions, such as the Himalayas and the Alps, as well as areas in China, as all contributing to the beginning of the zip line’s history. Back then, zip lines were used less for entertainment and thrill seeking and more for practicality. One way a zipline was popularly used was for transportation, especially over dangerous terrains. Zip lines were often favored over building bridges because it was much quicker to build zip lines, as well as to use them. Along with transportation, zip lines were very heavily used as a way to transport goods and supplies from one place to another. 

Nowadays, the zip line is a common attraction found in the ecotourism world. It is used as a way to sight-see without disrupting the ecosystems that are being explored. This idea was brought about in the 1970’s by wildlife biologists who wanted to study forest canopies without disturbing the environment. From there the zip line world we know today took off! Starting in Costa Rica, zip lines for entertainment purposes and a tourist activity have become a trend among many countries and many types of terrain worldwide.

canopy zip line tourist activity

Here at Door County Adventure Center, we offer three unique zip line experiences throughout the peninsula! At the Egg Harbor Fun Park, you can enjoy our 4-span zip line, along with a rock wall climb to the first platform! Our Team Leadership Center location offers the highest zip line in Door County! And last, but certainly not least, at Rowley’s Bay Resort, dive into the classic zip line world with our new 8-span zip line canopy tour! 

Learn more about our zip line adventures on our website or by calling us at 920-746-9539. Zip on!