As the Founder/President I (Tim) have enjoyed paddling in many locations on Lake Michigan and Florida! After teaching and instructing in both locations I have found that the Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) gives people a different view to paddling, both calm waters and windy/wavy waters. Having guided SUP tours and held clinics and workshops, I find that there are certain tips that can improve paddlers enjoyment on the water paddling your SUP!

man stand up paddle boarding

Are you looking to improve your efficiency, technique, and get feedback to improve your Stand Up Paddle Boarding skills, just like the participants in our previous three performance workshops? Well, then there are several things to think about, start practicing and developing. Here are 4 (four) tips to start paddling down the path of higher performance on your SUP.

  1. Breathing – in through the nose and out through the mouth. On the inhale make sure the chest is up, with chin on the horizon.
  2. Loading The Paddle – focus on powering the board forward versus down into the water as you start the propulsion part of the stroke.
  3. Practice Your Stance – use a traditional stance with feet under hips, legs straight while engaging the hips/lower back and quads to power through the stroke all while maintaining your cadence.
  4. Increased Stability – use a traditional “surf” stance; if you’re righthand dominant, place your left foot forward with ball of your foot on center line and the heel of your back foot on center line; paddle the board in a straight line.

Remember to breathe as you work on connecting your paddle stroke with your breathing to create a cadence between both. Practice your breathing with your paddle cadence and alternating your foot work to increase stability. Stay tuned for future blogs with focus on stability practice, paddle stroke cadence, walking your board and turns. Paddle on!