Planning your Door County excursion is the first step in assuring a day full of fun, but there are a few things to know following that decision.

The Door County Adventure Center, or DCAC for short, lives up to its mission of facilitating adventure and creating long-lasting memories. Now that you have confirmed that reservation and are looking forward to its scheduled date, there is important information to know in order to ensure the best experience possible. 

Let’s first talk about the basics regarding a kayak trip. Of course, many individuals and groups first ask, what do I wear? 

To that question, the response is simple. For those interested in fully embracing the water, kayakers can wear a swimsuit to prepare for the wetness that may splash onto the small boat. Although, clothes that you are okay with getting wet are great too! Just be sure to bring a towel and possibly a set of dry clothing in case. Also, wear water shoes or sandals that give you that same freedom. 

Now turning to the accessories, a hat, and sunglasses are wonderful to have as the Wisconsin sun will surprise you with its rays. With that being said, packing sunscreen for the trip will allow you to reapply as necessary while on the water. 

When preparing for your zip line adventure, the recommended attire and items to bring are different from the kayak tour. You could wear a swimsuit if you want to, but I have a feeling that would really hurt!

All zip liners will wear gear that will keep you safe and protected while up in the air, including a snug harness between your legs. Choosing to wear comfortable shorts that are long enough so that they won’t ride up and cause uncomfortable friction is a decision we would highly advise. Otherwise, pants, leggings, or any workout clothes like yoga pants are all great options. 

You must also ensure that your shirt allows for movement and breathability while providing comfort despite having a harness around your chest. Similar to the shorts, you don’t want to wear something that will get bunched and ride up. As for what will be best on your feet, close-toed shoes are a must!

Now that you know what to wear, here are a few things you should not bring or wear to your zip line adventure. 

Hats are great for sun protection and for hiding your unwashed hair. However, they do not allow the helmet to fit on correctly and therefore are not allowed while on the excursion. Similarly, dangly earrings or jewelry that could get loose and catch on to something are not recommended. 

It is important that you check your confirmation email with the specific sites address that you have reserved a booking at and don’t forget to call 72 hours in advance if you plan to cancel your excursion. In that email, waivers for your group to fill out beforehand are provided and highly recommended to complete as soon as possible. 

Whether you have a kayak tour, a zip line tour, or maybe both scheduled, we can not wait for you to get your adventure on and make memories that will last a lifetime! Be sure to bring a camera of some sort to capture the wonderful moments that await you!