Reasons To Invest In Your Team


Our Team Leadership Center has hosted team building programs for the past 25 years. Tim Pflieger, President of Door County Adventure Center, has found many truths and wisdom while facilitating programs for school groups, corporate teams, and collegiate sports teams. A day of team building can seek breakthroughs and allow team members to collaborate in a unique way while working through challenges and elements at the Team Leadership Center. Why invest in a team building program? Here are FIVE reasons to invest in your team with us!

reasons to invest in your team

Working together to get to the top!

To Enhance Team Morale

Appreciation and value are impactful leadership tools that leaders use to ensure that their members know they are a valuable part of the team to maintain and enhance team morale. 

To Improve Productivity

The more team members value and appreciate each other as teammates, the more value they have for each other and honor their place on the team. This helps teams be more positive, aligned and productive. Relationships are key to the success along with open communication. Both these factors create an environment of innovation which drives collective productivity. 

To Encourage Fun in the Workplace

Team building programs are a way to get out of regular work routine and participate in activities that are outside the norm. Problem solving skills are tested through challenges and allow teammates to work collaboratively to overcome obstacles. Door County Adventure Center is always creating and adding cutting-edge team building activities that ensure fun for everyone with unique elements

To Address Team Issues

During a team building program, leadership is encouraged and issues may arise. Programs bring out different stressors in a learning environment; hence, strengths and weakness are highlighted through various activities. Our programs can be tailored to what your team needs to address to be more successful as a group. 

To Reward Employees

Programs can be a way to address issues but also can be a way to help de-stress and make the workplace positive and rewarding. Reward your team with a day out of the office for reaching goals or for their work. Have them recognize that they work in a positive and encouraging workplace. Keep the excitement going by joining us for some adventure

Team building programs can create lasting impressions on team members with what was learned through activities. Teams can take away valuable insights from facilitators or fellow team players from the day. Consider these five reasons to invest in a team building program for some fun with Door County Adventure Center