Being a marketing intern for Door County Adventure Center has made the summer of 2019 an unforgettable summer. I worked with a great group of people who offered me nothing but support and encouragement.  Door County Adventure Center taught me that teamwork is what makes a business run successfully. In a fast moving company catering to a diverse group of people, teamwork was key to addressing all aspects of this business, from managing a cash box handled by multiple people, to answering phones that never stopped ringing and even communicating with the customers seeking information and guidance as to how they we could maximize their time to fully enjoy everything this company had to offer. 

Being a marketing intern helped me gain experience and a better understanding of the hospitality and tourism business, as well as marketing for the outdoor industry.  I have learned how to tailor and highlight specific information you want to share to your target audience, how to promote and boost social media posts, how to create ads on social media and google, how to better multitask and have gotten to work on my customer service skills. I saw the intricate process that makes a business run behind the scenes and it has opened my mind to the world of business in a great industry.  

While learning so many new things, I got to experience a summer in a picture perfect place that made me feel that I was sent back in time.. I was able to take full advantage of the beautiful outdoor experiences of Door County and what the community offered, while working outside.  In addition to making new friends, earning money and gaining work experience, I got a free suntan and I’m the tannest I’ve ever been! Now that’s my bonus!!   

I am not sure if my next job can top the memories and experiences I have created here. However, the one thing I won’t miss, is dragging along my heavy camera to all the different sites to shoot some pictures as the intern.