You don’t need to travel to thousands of miles to engage in extravagant experiences, you can find so many right here in Wisconsin! Door County, Wisconsin in particular is filled with endless hidden gems and adventurous outdoor activities! 

niagara escapment kayaking

One such gem is the Niagara Escarpment! An escarpment is caused by erosion and faulting that results in two separate and level surfaces. Sometimes this happens between two land surfaces, and sometimes it occurs along waterways. The Niagara Escarpment in particular runs from New York through Canada, Michigan, Wisconsin, and ending in Illinois. The erosion and faulting in these areas causes the cliffs and caves that run all the way through. One very famous part of this escarpment is Niagara Falls! Door County is lucky enough to have a great deal of this escarpment throughout the peninsula! Much of this part of the escarpment is filled with tree covered cliffs and gorgeous caves! 

kayak in cave at Niagara escarpment

At Door County Adventure Center, we offer a fantastic way to experience the Niagara Escarpment first hand! Get up close and personal to the caves on our Whitefish Dunes Cave and Dunes Tour! This tour is by far the most popular kayak tour that we offer. Guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Michigan, and kayak into the caves of the Niagara Escarpment! There is so much to learn and see on this tour! 

Book your Cave and Dunes tour today by going online to or by calling us at (920)746-9539!