It’s a phrase that I like to keep in mind as another chapter of my life ends. Unfortunately, this chapter happens to have three parts to look back on because summer, as we all sadly know, only has three short months. But that’s how summer internships go. So these are some things I’m taking with me from working on the marketing team and being a rentals associate.

Part one: Rowleys Bay Resort

This was the first location I worked at for Door County Adventure Center. I have fond memories from there. Early mornings, Grandma’s Swedish Bakery, gearing people up for zip-lining tours, launching kayaks for tours and rentals, and the 40-minute drive to and from Sturgeon Bay. During which I would listen to podcasts, music and just feel whatever I was feeling that day. This location taught me pace and balance because there would be days when we were busy from the start of the day until the end. And then some days were slow, and we would fix the things that would get neglected in the hustle and the balance between being a rentals associate/reservationist and a marketing assistant.

Part two: The Team Leadership Center and Whitefish Dunes

My second location had its own perks; living on the premises of the Team Leadership Center, the commute was simple. Just walk out the door, and you’re there! This location helped me figure out when to bring work home and when to leave it at work. It also allowed me to find new environments to work in. You don’t always have to do your work in the office, because sometimes the Wifi isn’t great or goes out in a storm. Plus, a change of scenery is healthy for creativity. I would run out of steam sometimes when it came to creating social media content and blog posts.

Part three: Egg Harbor Beach

This location was the simplest but the busiest. Although you don’t have to ask who’s zip-lining or kayaking, it’s quite an active spot. I really developed how I prepare for the day; if the weather is nice, you should have double everything out. I also learned how to gauge the ebb and flow of foot traffic, knowing when would be the right time to start putting things away. This location also reinforced that I needed to plan things ahead of time for my marketing duties. I would get there early and take the time to get the content I needed when I could. Make time for the things that need to be done.

However, the best thing I find myself looking back on from my time here is all the moments with my coworker, who were more than coworkers. They were my friends and comrades against seas tourists. Who knew my struggles, and in turn, I knew theirs. It wasn’t always all work; there was play. There were highs, lows, in and outside the workday; we were all in it together in the end. We laughed, we’d butt heads, we would be hurt, but we’d make amends. I may be in the same place I’ve always been, but this summer will stay with me.