Not much goes better together than warm weather, outdoor recreation and ice cream. Luckily, Door County provides endless opportunities for outdoor recreation and the ice cream selection seems to be expanding every year. So, save your energy; leave the outdoor adventure activities to us and enjoy the wide variety of ice cream and custard that the county has to offer.

At the top of the list is Wilson’s Ice Cream Parlor in Ephraim. Known for their oversized servings, delectable milkshakes and extensive history in ice cream expertise, Wilson’s is a must-try. On top of great frozen desserts, Wilson’s offers outdoor waterfront seating. An A+ milkshake with a Door County sunset is truly an unmatched combination. After kayaking or zip lining with us in Rowley’s Bay or Egg Harbor, it’s only a couple towns away via Highway 42. This makes it a relatively quick commute.

Another noteworthy ice cream establishment is Not Licked Yet in Fish Creek. Known for tasty frozen custard and the seemingly endless ways to incorporate candy, snacks and other treats in their menu. There’s also a playground and outdoor seating area to entertain the whole family. Not Licked Yet is located along Highway 42, right before the main entrance to Peninsula State Park when heading North. It makes for a great stop after kayaking or zip lining with us in Rowley’s Bay.

Some honorable mentions on the frozen dessert list are Malibu Moo’s, Door County Ice Cream Factory and The Door County Creamery. So, if you’re tuckered out after a long day of outdoor adventures and looking for something that really hits the spot, give one of these ice cream parlors a shot and you definitely won’t be disappointed!