There are so many restaurants in Door County it’s hard to choose where to go. If you’re looking for something a little different or unique, I’ve got the places for you! After personally going to some of these restaurants myself, I have found some crazy things on these Door County menus that make going out to eat way more fun. If you’re like me and love going out to eat, but never know where to go or want to try something new, I’ve got some recommendations that Door County has to offer. The first being PC Junction. This restaurant is located in Baileys Harbor and maybe you guessed it from the name, but it’s train themed! Once seated and you’ve put your order in, a train comes around and delivers your food and drinks right to you! Some of the menu items include the “Conductor” and the “Sidecar.” This place is definitely one that stands out and is fun for the whole family. PC Junction is also only a seven minute drive from Egg Harbor Beach, which is one of our sites where we offer kayak and stand up paddle board rentals; more fun for the family! Next on the list is Sonny’s, which is in Sturgeon Bay. After working up an appetite from our Adventure Zip Tour this is the perfect place to go. They are an Italian Pizzeria, where they, of course, specialize in pizza. They have unique toppings and combinations that spice up your average pizza. However, this is not my main focus when it comes to Sonny’s. The one thing in particular that I’m thinking of on their menu will make your eyes bulge. That thing is a giant soft pretzel. It is pretty much the size of the pizza they serve and if you get it to go they will even put it in a pizza box for you! You can get this oversized pretzel with a few different dipping sauces that will cure your craving for this classic snack; something you’ll probably want to share with someone else too! Moving onto one of my favorite things to order at a restaurant, Bloody Mary’s! These drinks are so fun and my favorite because they come with all the fixings you need for a snack or sometimes even a full meal. There are a couple different places in and around Door County I have heard of that have outrageous Bloody Mary’s. In Algoma, which is right on the coast of Lake Michigan, is a place called Smashed on the Rocks. When I tell you their Bloody Mary’s are loaded, that is an understatement. They are HUGE! The drink comes with basically everything under the sun, including things like a soft pretzel, a corn dog, a donut, a hard boiled egg, a mini cob of corn, etc. All I’m saying is make sure you go on an empty stomach. The other place that also has crazy Bloody Mary’s is Shipwrecked in Egg Harbor. These come in 20oz “souvenir” glasses that you actually get to take home with you when finished. It comes with the classic fixings like a beef stick, pickle, and cheese, but they don’t stop there! You’ll just have to see for yourself what this whole drink has to offer and don’t forget to order a chaser that is freshly brewed from Shipwrecked themselves. If you decide to go later in the evening, our Sunset Kayak Tour at the Egg Harbor Beach can be the perfect ending to your night. The last meal I suggest you try if you’re in Door County is the fish boil. There are quite a few different places that offer amazing fish boils like Waterfront Mary’s, Pelletier’s Restaurant, and White Gull Inn, so it’s up to you to decide! Overall, a fish boil typically consists of cooking a variety of vegetables and a specific type of fish over a fire outside. You and whoever you invite, get to sit and watch the deliciousness unfold, and soon enough be able to dig in. I hope with all of these cool, fun, and even a little crazy, restaurant suggestions you find something that will add to making your experience here in Door County something to remember. 


  Devin Diaz, August 2018                                                        Smashed On The Rocks, May 2021

                                                           Door County Pulse, September 2016