Recreational Rock Climbing

Recreational Rock Climbing

Sign up your friends and family to visit our indoor climbing gym where you can choose from various different climbing routes! Feel safe with certified belayers who are experienced professionals ready and willing to teach technique. Package with tours – kayaking or zip lining!

Solo Cost $55.00 per person for one and a half hours

  • Minimum of two climbers; advance reservations required
Package Cost $45.00 per person per climb when packaged with a zip line or kayak tour

  • Minimum of two climbers; advance reservations required

Popular Favorite, Book Early!

Zip Line – Rowleys Bay Resort

A 4-span zip line perfect for all ages. Experience a beautiful canopy zip line with the only water view in the county! You’ll be zipping like a pro through the trees in no time.

Fun for Everyone!

Sunset Kayak Tour

Egg Harbor hosts the most beautiful sunsets in Door County! Our ACA trained guides will provide a lesson on how to maneuver your kayak and you’ll have an amazing seat for the sunset on your tour!

Book Early for July 3rd!

Egg Harbor Fireworks Kayak Tour

On July 3, Egg Harbor hosts the best fireworks show in Door County! You won’t want to miss out on the best view in the house from the seat of your kayak! Enjoy the fireworks from the water, music from the shore, and family fun all around!