High Ropes Climbing

High Ropes Course

A GREAT option for family reunions, wedding parties, or any celebration!

From our Adventure Zip Line to our challenging climbing tower, there’s something for everyone!

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 Adventure Zip Line Tour

**Times vary based on participation.

Duration 1-3 climbers: 30 minutes
4-6 climbers: 45 minutes – 1 hour
7-15 climbers: 1 hour -1.5 hours

Gravity Zip Line

Duration 1-3 climbers: 30 minutes
4-6 climbers: 45 minutes – 1 hour
7-15 climbers: 1 hour – 1.5 hours
**Times vary based on participation.
Features 250-foot gravity zip line at 30 feet+ dynamic belay safety system
The difference between a gravity zip line and our adventure tour is that instead of landing on an angled platform, you return to the belly of the cable and get taken down by a ladder.

Flying Squirrel

Duration Instruction/set-up time: 10 minutes
+ Approximately 5 minutes per “squirrel”
Features Using a chest-and-sit harness, your hauling team hoists you up by running in the opposite direction, sending you flying 30 feet into the air.

The Flying Squirrel is unique to the Team Leadership Center! Most zip line tours at the Team Leadership Center include a tour on the Flying Squirrel for free. The squirrel requires a larger number of people and we cannot guarantee that it will be an option if you come with a small group. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Pamper Pole

Duration Instruction/set-up time: 10 minutes
+ Approximately 15 minutes per climber
Features Using a chest-and-sit harness, you start ascending up a ladder and transfer to the staples in the pole, with the end goal being to stand on top of the pole. From here you “take a leap of faith” and jump up and out about seven feet to grab a trapeze bar. You then get lowered to the ground by two belay systems managed by a facilitator and your group.

Incline Log

Duration 1-5 climbers: 30 minutes
6-12 climbers: 1 hour
Features So you’ve walked across a log on the ground with ease, but how about an inclined log 30 feet in the air? Climb a ladder, transfer to staples, and take your first step towards confidence walking up the incline to the other side and back to the middle. Really want to challenge yourself? GREAT! Show us some push-ups on the incline log challenge!

Rappelling/Climbing Tower

Duration Rappeling: 5 minutes/climber
Climbing: Time varies greatly based on climbing experience.
Features Walk up the stairwell behind the tower and learn how to control your own belay from one of our certified professional facilitators. Created with man-made rock holds, this climbing wall is significantly challenging and made for experienced climbers.

3-Line Bridge

Duration 15 minutes/climber
Features Climb up a stairwell and use our static belay system to walk across the three-line bridge and back to your guide. Want an additional challenge? We’ll belay you and a friend or family member up at the same time, leaving you to problem solve on how to cross each other without holding onto your rope or any of the cables around you!

Dangle Duo/Giant’s Ladder

Duration 15 minutes/2 climbers
Features At first glance this climb looks impossible, but after seeing it done by a confident pair you will understand that anything is possible when you involve teamwork. Our outdoor Dangle is significantly challenging and is used most often for our Sports Team Curriculum.

Cargo Net

Duration 5-10 minutes/climber depending on strength and given challenge.
Features Climb our indoor or outdoor cargo net. Whether you are a beginner or an expert climber, this element can be challenging enough for you. When you get to the top, somersault your way safely back to the ground with guided instruction from our certified professionals.

Multi Vine

Duration 5-10 minutes/climber
Features Ascend up the ladder and staples to walk across a tight-wire 30 feet in the air, hanging onto vines, and back to the middle. This is a great climb for anyone to test your comfort in the air secured to a dynamic belay.