The new year is here! If your new year’s resolution is to try something new or to reach new heights then you may want to check out Door County Adventure Center’s newest renovation! In 2016 the team tackled the project of increasing height, routes, and challenge in our indoor rock climbing gym!

The first step we took was to expand our former initiatives wall. This wall reached 14 feet high, so we added another 11 feet to reach the ceiling of the barn.  Building as high as we could without knocking out the roof we were able to increase to a 25 foot wall.


Next we added “bump-outs” to add some incline, challenge, and fun edges for climbers to work around. We chose an overhang, diamond, and box for the wall, putting one shape on each route.


The third step was to add a ton of paint! We used the same color as the rest of the climbing walls, but decided to add a little splash for the bump outs. Canyon red and royal purple were chosen for the space, and add a nice pop of color!


Lastly we drilled holes and placed hand holds. This included a lot of talking through the wall and trying to describe placement by poking wrenches through existing holes. Finally, we measured some rope, tested out the routes, and made adjustments where they were needed. The wall features 3 anchors to climb from and an additional 5 routes to challenge even skilled climbers. We’re excited to announce that in 2017 our new addition to the rock wall is open!

The original rock wall is still open so you don’t have to be an expert to climb with us! We have indoor routes for youth & beginners as well, and feature one of the few silo rock climbing walls in the state! This silo is built for beginners to learn the basics of climbing and challenge their new skills, complete with a cow bell to ring at the top!


Our full set of rock walls are utilized with team building and leadership development groups that we work with year round including sports teams, schools, and corporate teams but the wall is open to the general public, by appointment only.   Simply give us a call at 920.746.9539 or send us an email at We’ll find the time you’re looking for and have a staff member ready when you arrive!


When you join us for a climb in 2017 we will have certified professionals help you gear up in harnesses, helmets, and rock climbing shoes. We’ll go over basic climbing information, then get you hooked up to the ropes and climbing! We’ll start off on the smaller routes and build our way to the higher challenges. Once you’ve finished climbing we’ll de-gear and send you on your way (unless you chose to add on with a zip line experience afterwards)!  Climbing days are in high demand now that the new wall is open so don’t wait!  Call today!


For more information you can check out our rock wall page at!