All activities, initiatives and climbs are on a “challenge by choice” basis. If something is pushing your personal comfort zone or physical abilities, please let your facilitator know.

Due to the nature of the rustic setting of the Door County Adventure Center’s program sites and our other outdoor adventure programs (zip line tours, kayak tours, boat/SUP rentals, etc.) participants should dress in layers. Any clothing that wicks away water should be your primary layer, followed by warming layers with a outer shell to protect your body in the wind and waves. Even in summer it can be extremely windy so be mindful of the forecast! Always wear comfortable clothes, being prepared for rain and inclement weather. Footwear is important; always wear close-toed shoes, preferably sneakers or hiking boots. Please do not wear heels or sandals of any kind.

Yes. We suggest you reserve your program date for a team building or leadership event at least 2 months in advance to guarantee your day.

Yes! We travel all over the United States and Canada providing offsite programs. Our most popular offsite programs are for corporations, trips or schools.

Yes, however the better question is always “how well can the person in question control their body”? At our Rowleys Bay Resort zip line, we cannot admit anyone over 260 lbs. At the Team Leadership Center, our zip lines are higher, so if someone is 260+ lbs, we want to make sure they can control the lower half of their body to stand up on our platforms. A good test would be to see if they can do an abdominal crunch. If someone is larger around the waist, he or she may be riding in a full body harness versus a sit harness, different from the rest of the group. It’s the safest way to move someone from one platform to the next so he/she is safe.

If someone in your group is over 260 lbs and is registering for kayaking, please be sure to let our reservationist know so we can fit them properly in a boat.

Our smallest personal flotation device (PFD) at Whitefish Dunes State Park is rated for 30-50 pounds. The Mink River Tour is a more leisurely paddle for younger kids. We do not recommend kids under 14 years of age to take part in our Plum Island Tour, as it is for more intermediately experienced kayakers.

We have no age limits on zip lining. Our youngest is 11 months. Kids just need to be able to fit into our children’s harnesses and can, when needed, tandem zip with an adult. 85 is our oldest zip liner so the sky is the limit!

We provide customized programs in team building, collaborative leadership, keynote speaking and strategic planning facilitation to organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Our programs focus on leadership tendencies and group dynamics. They are interactive and dynamic, helping participants have first-hand experience in applying the skills learned.  This hands-on approach facilitates the transfer and retention of skills developed, enriching both the participants and their organizational cultures.

This 20 acre site features a low and high ropes challenge course, as well as a turn of the century dairy barn, which hosts an indoor climbing gym, a 14′ initiative wall, several high ropes climbing elements, a multi-use hayloft, 2 heated spaces as well as large eating areas with picnic tables. The  high and low ropes challenge course has over 12 high ropes elements, a 30′ pamper pole, a 30′ climbing tower and Door County’s very first Adventure Zip Line Tour. Standing on the top of our 30′ climbing tower, you will zip across 500′, land on a platform, climb up to 45′ launching onto our 750′ zip line, and finishing the course traveling 260′ to our last platform.

Safety is our first priority. All facilitators are trained and certified professionals. Whenever participants have the opportunity to leave the ground, they will be using climbing/safety equipment (harnesses and helmets) and are always secured to a climbing rope to prevent an uncontrolled fall.

Belay is a word of French origin which means to secure (a climber for example) at the end of a length of rope.