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Frequently Asked Questions


What is at the Team Leadership Center?
This 20-acre site features a low and high ropes challenge course, as well as a turn of the century dairy barn, which hosts an indoor climbing gym, several high ropes climbing elements (indoor and outdoor), a multi-use hayloft, two heated spaces as well as large eating areas with picnic tables. The low and high ropes challenge course has over 12 high ropes elements, a 30-foot pamper pole, a 30-foot climbing tower, and Door County’s highest Adventure Zip Line Tour. Standing on the top of our 30′ climbing tower, you will zip across 500 feet, land on a platform, climb up to 41 feet launching onto our 750-foot zip line, and finishing the course traveling 260-feet to our last platform.
What leadership/team building adventures do you offer?
We provide customized programs in team building, collaborative leadership, keynote speaking, and strategic planning facilitation to organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Our programs focus on leadership tendencies and group dynamics. They are interactive and dynamic, helping participants have first-hand experience in applying the skills learned. This hands-on approach facilitates the transfer and retention of skills developed, enriching both the participants and their organizational cultures.
What are the age restrictions for kayak and zip line tours?

Our smallest personal flotation device (PFD) at Whitefish Dunes State Park is rated for 30-50 lbs. The Mink River Tour is a more leisurely paddle for younger kids.

We have no age limits on zip lining. Our youngest is 11 months. Kids just need to be able to fit into our children’s harnesses and can, when needed, tandem zip with an adult. 86 is our oldest zip liner, so the sky is the limit!

Do you ever provide off-site programs?
Yes! We travel all over the United States and Canada providing off-site programs. Our most popular off-site programs are for corporations, trips, or schools.
Is the center open year round?
Yes. We suggest you reserve your program date for a team building or leadership event at least two months in advance to guarantee your day.
What kind of clothing and shoes should participants wear?
Due to the nature of the rustic setting of the Door County Adventure Center’s program sites and our other outdoor adventure programs (zip line tours, kayak tours, boat/SUP rentals, etc.) participants should dress in layers. Any clothing that wicks away water should be your primary layer, followed by warming layers with an outer shell to protect your body in the wind and waves. Even in summer it can be extremely windy so be mindful of the forecast! Always wear comfortable clothes, being prepared for rain and inclement weather. Footwear is important; always wear closed-toed shoes, preferably sneakers or hiking boots. Please do not wear heels or sandals of any kind.
What if I am not comfortable participating in an activity?
All activities, initiatives, and climbs are on a “challenge by choice” basis. If something is pushing your personal comfort zone or physical abilities, please let your facilitator know.
Can I fall?
Safety is our first priority. All facilitators are trained and certified professionals. Whenever participants have the opportunity to leave the ground, they will be using climbing/safety equipment (harnesses and helmets) and are always secured to a climbing rope to prevent an uncontrolled fall.
What does “belay” mean?
Belay is a word of French origin which means to secure (a climber for example) at the end of a length of rope.
What group sizes can you work with?
We do our best to accommodate groups of any size. Call us if you have questions on group size.
What about safety? Are you safe?

Yes, we have been operating as a professional climbing and kayaking company for more than 20 years. We have never had a citation, severe injury, or loss! Our professionally trained/certified staff and safety record sets us apart from the rest of the commercial outfitters in Door County.

What about our guides? Are they well trained?

Safety & professional training is one of the things that sets Door County Adventure Center apart. Every one of our team members is CPR & First Aid certified. Our guides are trained & assessed according to international standards set by the American Canoe Association (ACA) or the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), in their respective fields. Our kayak guides complete an ACA Coastal Day Trip Leader Training and Assessment throughout their first season of employment with us. In addition, all kayak guides are required to participate in on-going practice of kayak skills such as rescues, navigation, group management, and open water paddling. Our zip line guides and ropes course facilitators complete an ACCT training and certification exam focusing on areas of zip line guiding, rescues, soft facilitation skills, technical belay skills, and ropes course management.

What exactly is a sea kayak?

Our sea kayaks vary in length from 14-22 feet, and have two bulkheads sealing off watertight compartments in the front and back of the boat. We require all guides and participants to wear a spray deck/skirt while paddling. Lake Michigan is COLD! The spray deck serves to keep water out of the cockpit, enabling the paddler to stay warmer and drier. Your time on the water will be much more enjoyable, reducing the potential for hypothermia. In the unlikely event of a boat capsize, the spray deck releases quickly. We love sea kayaking in its traditional form and use this type of boat for our sea kayak tours. Our rental kayaks are recreational sit-on top kayaks.

So what is a recreational paddling tour?

Participants usually paddle about 2.5 hours in a sea kayak on our Caves & Dunes tours and our Mink River tours. For our Bridge to Bridge tour we utilize sit-on top kayaks. We welcome any ability and experience level. Basic safety, boat control, and paddle stroke instruction is included before departing on the tour.

Cancellation Policy for Zip/Kayak Tours

If you must cancel we require a 72 hour advanced notice for a full refund.  If you notify us 48 hours in advance, you will get a 50% refund.  If you do not call 48 hours in advance of your reservation your credit card will be billed per your reservation.  If you do not show up it will be charged in full.

Book Early for July 4th!

Popular Favorite, Book Early!

Zip Line – Rowleys Bay Resort

A 4-span zip line perfect for beginners and groups. Our expert guides will teach you the basics. You’ll be zipping like a pro in no time. Looking for more thrills? Visit us at the Team Leadership Center near Sturgeon Bay!

Fun for Everyone!

Sunset Paddleboard Tour

Egg Harbor hosts the most beautiful sunsets in Door County! Our guides will provide a lesson on the best way to maneuver your paddle board and have a front seat for the sunset. Paddle boarding is adaptable for any skill level, provides a full-body workout and fun!

Book Early for July 3rd!

Egg Harbor Fireworks Tour

On July 3, Egg Harbor hosts the best fireworks show in Door County! You won’t want to miss out on the best view in the house! Enjoy the fireworks from the water, music from the shore, and family fun all around! Paddle boarding is adaptable for any skill level, provides a full-body workout and is too much fun!